2014-2015 Catalog

Course Numbering System

Courses Numbered 000–099 = Noncredit courses.

Courses Numbered 100–299 = Introductory and foundational knowledge courses normally

taken in the undergraduate student’s initial years at the college.

Courses Numbered 300–399 = More advanced courses taken by undergraduate students.

These courses are not accepted for credit toward graduate degrees.

Courses Numbered 400–499 = Most advanced courses, typically taken by seniors, and

open to graduate students for credit toward graduate degrees. The number of credits

acceptable in a graduate program is limited by graduate program policies.

Courses Numbered 500–599 = Courses open to graduate students. Normally these

courses require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. In certain circumstances, qualified

undergraduate students who have earned at least 90 credit hours may be admitted, with

documented consent of the instructor and the appropriate dean.

Courses Numbered 600–699 = Courses open to graduate and doctoral students only.

Courses Numbered 700–799 = Courses open to graduate and doctoral students only.

* Courses numbered 300 and above must have a prerequisite.

* In general, when the middle digit of a course number is 6, the course is a seminar or a

General Education Core course; 8, a workshop; 9, directed study.

* Courses ending with an E are only open to Early Enrollment Program high school students.