2014-2015 Catalog

Modern Languages

Learning Goals

Writing in the Discipline

Department of Modern Languages

Department Chair: Olga Juzyn

Department Faculty: Professor Juzyn Associate Professors Géloin, Margenot; Assistant Professor Oliveira

Language Courses

The Department of Modern Languages offers elementary and intermediate courses in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Placement for language study is determined by the student’s performance in course work or, for French, German, and Spanish, by their score on the modern languages online test at: www.ric.edu/modernlanguages/placement.php. Students who demonstrate proficiency on the CEEB or the College Level Examination Program tests are granted credit toward graduation in accordance with Rhode Island College policy.

Elementary courses (101 and 102) and intermediate courses (113 and 114) may be offered in languages not listed in this catalog. Recent examples include Chinese and Russian. Refer to the schedule of classes published each semester and contact the department chair for details. Advanced courses are available in French, Italian, Latin American studies, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Elementary courses may be taken for elective credit, except in the language presented to meet college admission requirements. Students who wish to continue their study of the language presented for admission should elect language courses numbered 102, 110, 113, or 114. For fulfillment of the Second Language Requirement see the section on General Education.


The Department of Modern Languages strongly encourages students to undertake internship experiences as part of their undergraduate education. Every semester, the department offers twelve-week internships for students in all modern languages concentrations. Students are placed in area agencies, organizations, and companies where they have the opportunity to use the language of their concentration. In order to participate in an internship, students must register for MLAN 320.