2014-2015 Catalog

Psychology M.A.

Admission Requirements

  1. A completed application form accompanied by a fifty-dollar nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate records.
  3. Prior course work in research methods and statistics, PLUS in at least three of the following areas: cogni-tive psychology, developmental psychology, learning, personality theory, and social psychology. Minimum 75th percentile score on the GRE Psychology subject test may be substituted for the three additional courses. An official report of the GRE Psychology subject test scores must be submitted.
  4. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in undergraduate course work.
  5. An official report of scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test.
  6. Statement of professional goals including how the program will prepare the candidate for these goals.
  7. Three letters of recommendation that address potential to succeed in a graduate program. Must include at least one letter from a psychology professor or from a professional within psychology or related field.
  8. A plan of study approved by the advisor and appropriate dean.
  9. An interview may be required.

Course Requirements


PSYC 500Research Design and Analysis I


PSYC 501Research Design and Analysis II


PSYC 538Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development


Spring (even years).
PSYC 549Cognition


Fall (even years).
PSYC 556Seminar in Personality Theory


Fall (odd years).
PSYC 558Seminar in Social Psychology


Spring (odd years).
PSYC 560Current Issues in Psychology


As needed.
PSYC 599Masters Thesis


As needed.

PSYC 599: Must be taken for a total of 6 credits.

PSYC 500, PSYC 501: These courses must be completed within the first three semesters

THREE ADDITIONAL CREDITS at the 400- and 500-level, with consent of advisor.

Courses from other departments may be considered.

Total Credit Hours: 30