2014-2015 Catalog

College Writing Requirement

All students are required to complete the College Writing Requirement. In most cases, this requirement is satisfied by the completion of FYW 100, FYW 100P, or FYW 100H, with a minimum grade of C. However, the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development requires a minimum grade of B. Students who receive a C-, D+, D, or a D- in FYW 100, FYW 100P, or FYW 100H, will receive the college credit but will not have fulfilled the College Writing Requirement.

This requirement may also be satisfied by (1) passing the appropriate College Level Examination Program (CLEP)/English Composition, with a minimum score of 50, and by reporting the score to the admissions office and to the director of First Year Writing; or (2) by passing the course equivalent of FYW 100 with a C or better.

All students who score 430 or below on either the SAT Critical Reading or the SAT Writing (or 17 or less on the ACT English subscore, or 3 or less on the ACT Writing Test) or students who have not taken the SAT are required to sit for the College Writing Examination. This placement exam will determine the student’s readiness for FYW 100 or FYW 100P. As a result of the placement exam, some students will be recommended to enroll in ENGL 010 prior to taking FYW 100.

Students are encouraged to fulfill the College Writing Requirement in their first year of study at Rhode Island College. Students who have not fulfilled the requirement will have that noted on their transcript. Students who have not fulfilled the College Writing Requirement before the completion of 40 attempted credits at the college will be placed on academic probation and be advised to satisfy the requirement as soon as possible.