2014-2015 Catalog

Retention Requirements

Rhode Island College has set certain minimum requirements for cumulative grade point averages (GPAs), based on the number of credit hours attempted. The averages are as follows:

Credit Hours Attempted*

Probation GPA Lower Than

Dismissal GPA Lower Than









90 and above



*Includes transfer and proficiency credits. Transfer students should understand that the credits transferred in from another institution will count in their accumulated credits earned at Rhode Island College; however, their GPA will be based only on their Rhode Island College course work. As with all students, transfer students will not be subject to academic dismissal prior to attempting a minimum of 30 credits at Rhode Island College.

Students will be placed on academic probation or dismissed from degree candidacy:

  1. If they fail to attain the minimum cumulative GPA at the end of any given semester.
  2. If they have attempted 40 credits at the college but have not fulfilled the College Writing Requirement
  3. If they have attempted 15 credits at the college but have not fulfilled the College Mathematics Requirement.

Students who are placed on probation or dismissed are notified by the Records Office in writing and/or through the student’s RIC e-mail account. Students may be placed on probation at the end of the fall semester, spring semester, or Summer Session II. However, dismissals only occur at the end of the spring semester.