2014-2015 Catalog

Transfer Credit

Undergraduate degree candidates who plan to take a course at another college while a degree student at RIC must complete an Authorization of Credit form(s) before registering for the course (including CCRI and URI courses). The Authorization of Credit form may be found online at www.ric.edu/recordsoffice/for_ms.php and must be filed with the Records Office. Students must also obtain permission of the department chair or, in the case of interdisciplinary courses, the dean. Students with financial aid awards should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid about their continued eligibility to receive aid while they take courses at other colleges.

Upon completion of the course, students must arrange to have their official transcript sent to the Records Office. Credit will not be posted until the official transcript is received.

Students who withdraw from Rhode Island College to attend another college must make formal application for readmission if they decide to return to RIC.