2014-2015 Catalog

Indebtedness to the College

Failure to make full payment of tuition and fees or to resolve other debts to Rhode Island College—for example, unreturned athletic equipment, overdue shortterm or emergency loans, delinquent or defaulted student loans (Federal Nursing and/or Federal Perkins Loans), unreturned library books, damage to college property, etc.—may result in the cancellation of registration for the following semester, withholding of academic grades, denial of registration until the payment is made, and/or disenrollment. If requested, appropriate departments will provide the student with notice of the debt, the reason for the debt, and a review. Students must fulfill all financial obligations to the college, including participation in loan exit counseling for borrowers under one or more of the several longterm loan programs in which the college participates (e.g., Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Loans, PLUS and/or SLS loans), before receiving grades, a degree, transcripts, or a diploma.