2014-2015 Catalog

Refund of Room and Board Fees

Room Refunds

Withdrawal prior to the “contractually publicized” July 15 date will cancel all room charges minus the room reservation of one hundred dollars. Otherwise, the room contract will remain binding on the student until the end of the academic year. However, proration of the charges may be made by the Office of Residential Life and Housing, if the space created by the withdrawal is filled by a new resident.

A first semester freshman who withdraws from the college in their first semester will be released from the contract for the spring semester upon completion of proper withdrawal forms. All other students will need to submit an appeal letter for contract release consideration. In all cancellations, the room reservation deposit (one hundred dollars) shall be forfeited.

Board Refunds

The board contract is binding upon the student until the end of the academic year during which the cancellation is effected (first semester, July 15 to December 31; second semester, January 1 to May 25). However, proration of the foodcost portion of the board contract will result in a refund based on the week of withdrawal.