2014-2015 Catalog

Unemployment Waiver

Rhode Island General Law 284281 provides that any Rhode Island resident receiving unemployment benefits, including benefits earned in another state, is eligible for waiver of tuition for any course(s) taken at Rhode Island College. The law stipulates, however, that the waiver be granted on a spaceavailable basis only and that each applicant be subject to a means test. Therefore, students who wish to register under the terms of waiver are limited to registering on the last day of registration. Students must obtain Form DET467 from the Department of Employment and Training and submit this completed form, certifying eligibility, at the time of registration. Any registration prior to the specified date each term will be ineligible for consideration for an unemployment waiver and no retroactive use of the waiver is permitted. Mandatory fees that are not waived include lab fees, recreation fees, and activity fees.