Rhode Island College

2015-2016 Catalog

Elementary Education

Writing in the Discipline

Department of Elementary Education

Department Chair: Patricia Cordeiro

Elementary Education Program Director: Carolyn Obel-Omia

Elementary Education Program Faculty: Professors Barton, Cordeiro, Kniseley, Lawrence, Rowell, Rude, Steiglitz; Associate Professors Cotti, Goodrow, Henshaw, Horn, McGuire-Schwartz, Sevey; Assistant Professors Capalbo, Obel-Omia

Students in elementary education are awarded either a B.A. or a B.S. degree.

  • The B.A. is awarded to students choosing a content major (Multidisciplinary Studies, English, General Science, Mathematics, or Social Studies).
  • The B.S. is awarded to students electing a teaching concentration in special education.