2016-2017 Catalog

M.A. in Art with Concentration in Media Studies Learning Goals

Upon completion of program, students are expected to know (and be able to do):

Design and Production Track

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of digital media input and output techniques using hardware, software and peripheral devices,
  2. Apply advanced design theory and practice with both still and time-based media,
  3. Conduct research in contemporary digital artists/designers to inspire the creation of the individual’s final project
  4. Engage in advanced study of media theory, history, culture, and aesthetics.
  5. Conduct in-depth research necessary to prepare a thesis proposal in preparation for the design, production and exhibition of a significant media project.
  6. Design, produce and exhibit a significant project.

Critical Studies Track

  1. Engage in advanced study in media theory, history, culture, and aesthetics,
  2. Develop a master’s thesis that makes connections between media and society
  3. Develop the skills required to analyze modern media works.