2016-2017 Catalog

M.F.A. Learning Goals

A student graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Society should be able to:

  1. Integrate knowledge of the origins and development of theatre and drama into historically informed understanding of critical and creative work;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the major authors, periods, movements, and issues in theatre and drama, in particular as to relating to performance and society;
  3. Embrace performance and society as a means of expression, cultural understanding, and social development;
  4. Understand the various theories and methods in the study of performance, society, and expressive culture and be able to apply these ideas and techniques to the study of particular traditions, genres, geo-cultural areas, social groups, or historical periods;
  5. Exhibit creative thinking, problem solving, and exploration in an environment that values artistic truth;
  6. Imagine, articulate, and implement an overall conceptual approach to a variety of plays and to develop and realize a directorial, acting or dramaturgical concept in a fully mounted production from its inception through public and/or social performance;
  7. Work collaboratively on group projects, effectively drawing from all members strengths;
  8. Read and evaluate creative and critical writing with informed, balanced judgment.