2016-2017 Catalog

Mathematics Learning Goals


Goal 1: Core mastery

Students will acquire a background in the content and methodology of mathematics.

Objective 1. Students will understand and use basic concepts and techniques in algebra, calculus, probability, and other major topics.

Objective 2. Students will understand and use the definition/theorem/proof process.


Goal 2: Applications

Students will apply mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

Objective 1. Students will use problem-solving skills in a variety of applications.

Objective 2. Students will use appropriate technology.


Goal 3: Communication involving mathematics

Students will be able to receive and convey mathematical information.

Objective 1. Students will read, write, and analyze problem solutions.

Objective 2. Students will read, write, and analyze mathematical proofs.


Goal 4: Preparation for post-graduation experiences

Students will graduate with the mathematical knowledge necessary for their individual goals.

Objective 1. Graduates will be prepared for continued learning in mathematics.

Objective 2. Graduates will be properly prepared to pursue their intended mathematics oriented goals, whether related to teaching, advanced degrees, or other profession.