2016-2017 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Learning Goals

Graduates of the Program will:

  1. Engage in continuous education in the arts and sciences to inform decision making as a professional nurse and member of a global society.
  2. Apply concepts of leadership, quality and safety to improve health care outcomes in a cost-effective, safe and caring organizational environment.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking in evaluating and integrating evidence and interprofessional perspectives to improve health care outcomes.
  4. Use patient care technologies, information systems and communication systems to facilitate safe, efficient and effective nursing practice.
  5. Promote professional nursing practice that addresses policy development, legislative process, health care financing and reimbursement and political activism within an ethical framework.
  6. Perform in the autonomous and collaborative role of the professional nurse to enhance the interprofessional team.
  7. Participate in activities that promote health, prevent illness and injury and provide population-focused interventions that provide effective, efficient and equitable health care.
  8. Demonstrate professional behaviors that encompass accountability, responsibility, adherence to standards of moral, ethical and legal conduct and the pursuit of life long learning.
  9. Possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide nursing care in a variety of settings to a diverse group of patients of all ages, cultures, genders and religious backgrounds.