2016-2017 Catalog

Writing in the Discipline - Economics

In the Department of Economics and Finance, we offer majors in Economics (BA) and Finance (BS). The department faculty has decided to consider the majors to be Disciplines. The Department will continue to require ENGL 230 Writing for Professional Settings for both majors. In addition, we offer the following Writing in the Discipline for our majors: 



Writing in the Discipline for ECON 315, Intermediate Macroeconomics, concerns the students’ ability to provide an in-depth analysis of economic issues and their policy implications. Examples include describing the current and projected macroeconomic situation, including the fiscal and monetary policies which have been enacted, and to recommend the policy actions which students think should be enacted during the months ahead. Real-world data should be considered and cited. Students’ recommendations should include the theoretical justifications for these actions. Each student must also prepare a six page policy implication paper. Footnotes or endnotes are required when data are cited or reference sources are quoted. A bibliography of at least four sources also is required. The writing component accounts for 20% of the final grade.


In the capstone History of Economic Thought seminar class, ECON 461, there are three writing assignments (and written critiques of presentations by fellow students) as follows: 


Each student will prepare and present to the seminar a synopsis of the lives and contributions of three economists. Papers will be approximately 6 pages in length. Footnotes or endnotes are required when reference sources are quoted. A bibliography of at least four sources is required, containing at least one original work of the economist, and at least one academic journal article about the economist. The paper is worth 15% of the final grade, the presentation counts toward 20% of the final grade, and evaluations comprise 10% of the final grade.