2018-2019 Catalog

General Education

Chair of the Committee on General Education

James Magyar

General Information

The General Education Program is designed to provide students in all academic majors and professional programs with the knowledge and skills of a college-educated citizen. General Education approaches eleven learning outcomes through three core courses, seven distribution areas, a second language requirement, and writing in each of the disciplines. In the first year, First Year Writing provides a starting point for writing at all levels throughout the curriculum. Also in the first year, students choose from a large selection of intriguing topics with which to hone their skills in First Year Seminar. Connections courses, taken later in one’s program, again use a topical approach to strengthen academic skills. Writing in each discipline purposefully and explicitly develops student writing appropriate to the style and context of the individual discipline.

Recognizing the vast scope of knowledge available, Distribution courses allow students to choose courses in each area to advance professional goals, enhance personal interests, or explore new areas. One of these courses is a more advanced course that builds upon other General Education courses in science and mathematics to develop skills and understanding at a higher level.

Rhode Island College graduates also demonstrate knowledge of an additional language, demonstrated through the Second Language Requirement. The following sections provide more detailed information on General Education at the College.