2019-2020 Catalog

Special Education

Department of Special Education

Department Chair: Ying Hui-Michael

Professors Dell, Hui-Michael, Imber, Lynch; Associate Professors LaCava, McDermott-Fasy; Assistant Professor Pinheiro

Students in the Department of Special Education must meet the admission and retention requirements of their major as well as the admission and retention requirements of the special education programs.

Admission Portfolio Requirements (Undergraduate only. See "Special Education Programs M.Ed." for graduate requirements.)

B.S. Elementary and Special Education programs (i.e., Mild/Moderate Disabilities Elementary School Level, Mild/Moderate Disabilities Elementary School Level and Severe Intellectual Disabilities, and Severe Intellectual Disabilities, Ages Three to Twenty-One) allow joint admission. See “FSEHD admission requirements."


Retention Requirements (Undergraduate only. See "Special Education Programs M.Ed." for graduate requirements.)

  1. A minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 at Rhode Island College.
  2. Completion of admission and retention requirements in B.S. Elementary Special Education programs.
  3. A minimum grade of B- in all coursework in Special Education courses, including at least an “acceptable” rating on primary course artifact.
  4. Positive recommendations from all education instructors based on academic work, fieldwork and professional behavior.

Students must maintain acceptable standing in academic work, fieldwork and demonstrate consistent professionalism (as described above), or risk suspension and/or dismissal from the Special Education program.