2019-2020 Catalog

College Writing Requirement

All students are required to complete the College Writing Requirement. In most cases, this requirement is satisfied by the completion of FYW 100FYW 100P or FYW 100H, with a minimum grade of C. However, the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development requires a minimum grade of B. Students who receive a C-, D+, D or a D- in FYW 100FYW 100P or FYW 100H, will receive the college credit but will not have fulfilled the College Writing Requirement. This requirement may also be satisfied by (1) passing the appropriate College Level Examination Program (CLEP)/College Composition, with a minimum score of 50, and by reporting the score to RIC’s Records Office; or (2) by passing the course equivalent of FYW 100 with a C or better; in this latter case, the transcript from the institution at which the student enrolled in the equivalent course should be sent to RIC’s admissions office. Most students will have the opportunity during first year orientation to choose which FYW course best meets their needs. Visit the FYW Program website at www.ric.edu/firstyearwriting for information on this process.

Students are encouraged to fulfill the College Writing Requirement in their first year of study at Rhode Island College. Students who have not fulfilled the requirement will have that noted on their transcript. Students who have not fulfilled the College Writing Requirement before the completion of 30 attempted credits at the college will have a registration hold placed on their account until they have registered for the course. If the course is not completed successfully, the hold will be placed again.