2019-2020 Catalog

Office of Residential Life and Housing

On-campus housing is available for undergraduate students and graduate students. Six residence halls—Browne, Thorp, Weber, Willard, Sweet and Penfield Hall—provide accommodations for 1,196 men and women. Browne, Thorp and Weber Halls are designed with suites of eight to twelve single rooms adjacent to a study-lounge area. Sweet and Willard Halls feature double-occupancy rooms, with a select number of single rooms. Sweet Hall is built along more traditional lines, with rooms on either side of the corridors. Each hall has a common lounge area and laundry, and each room is furnished with a bed, desk and closet. Penfield Hall provides suite-style living for four, with either single or double bedrooms. A portion of Penfield Hall suites have apartment-style features, with breakfast counters and full-size refrigerators.

The Office of Residential Life and Housing also maintains a listing of off-campus housing; however, it does not guarantee the suitability or availability of such housing.

The fees given below are for the 2019–2020 academic year. Because of rising costs, the Rhode Island Board of Education reserves the right to change fees without notice as conditions necessitate.

Room Fees

Hall Room Type Cost Per Year
Browne Single $7,016
Super Single
Thorp Single $7,016
Weber Single $7,016
Willard Single $7,016
Willard Super Single $7,717
Willard Double $7,214
Sweet Double and Triple $7,372
Penfield Hall Single, Suite Style $7,717
Penfield Hall Single, Apartment Style $8,205
Penfield Hall Double, Suite Style $7,477
Penfield Hall Double, Apartment Style $7,958

Rooms are contracted on a yearly basis. All students are required to pay a non-refundable housing deposit of $250, which is a prepayment towards the 2019-20 room fees. Since on-campus housing is limited, approximately 50 percent of the spaces are reserved for new students.

Residence halls open at the beginning of each semester and close at the end of each semester in December and May and during Spring Break. Residents are expected to secure alternate housing accommodations during scheduled breaks.

Board Fees

Students choosing to live on campus are required to purchase one of four available Meal Plans. Each Meal Plan includes a set number of meals per week, as well as, Guest Passes and Bonus Dollars that can be used throughout the semester. All meals and Guest Passes are redeemable at Donovan Dining Center. Bonus Dollars may be used at Donovan Dining Center, the Café, or the Galley at any time.

Meal Plan

Meals Per Week

Guest Passes Per Semester

Bonus Per Semester Dollars

Cost Per Year





















Room Refunds

The Housing Contract is an annual contract that covers both the fall and spring semesters.

Students wishing to cancel the housing contract will be automatically released as long as their cancellation request is received by August 1. Students who are released will forfeit their $250 housing deposit.

Students who will be new to housing for the spring semester and wish to cancel their housing contract will be automatically released as long as their cancellation request is received by December 1. Students who are released will forfeit their housing deposit.

Board Refunds

The board contract is binding upon the student until the end of the academic year during which the cancellation is effected. However, proration of the food-cost portion of the Meal Plan contract will result in a refund based on the week when dining services is officially notified of withdrawal.