2019-2020 Catalog

Application Procedures

Any undergraduate student who desires financial aid from Rhode Island College must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at https://studentaid.ed.gov.

Preference for financial aid provided by the college is given to students who complete the financial aid application process in accordance with the following deadlines:

Incoming Freshmen (Fall Semester) and Continuing Upperclass Students

  1. Application for admission with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by March 1 (incoming freshmen only).
  2. FAFSA on file at the processing center by February 1.

Readmitted Students and New Transfers (Fall Semester)

  1. Acceptance for admission with the admissions office by June 1.
  2. FAFSA on file at the processing center by April 15.

Incoming Freshmen, New Transfers, and Other Students Admitted/Readmitted (Spring Semester)

  1. FAFSA on file at the processing center by November 15 .

Applicants should fill out all forms completely and accurately in order to avoid delays in processing and possible loss of financial aid. Early submission of financial aid and admissions materials is strongly encouraged. Applicants are considered only after early applicants have been considered and if funds are available. Awards to applicants are made in the spring and summer. Awards to late applicants are normally not made until October/November or February/March.

Since awards are not automatically renewable, applicants must reapply each year.

Note: Rhode Island College reserves the right to require verification of income data submitted by any or all applicants for financial assistance. Awards to those who are asked for such verification will be made conditional upon receipt of the requested information/documentation. Forms of documentation or verification which may be requested include, but are not limited to, signed and dated photocopies of federal income tax returns, IRS Tax Return Transcripts and copies of authorization letters for untaxed income. Any discrepancy in reported figures may result in adjustment or cancellation of the financial aid award and may be reported to the federal government for further review and possible legal action.

All awards made by or through the college are conditional and are based upon information available to college officials at the time the award is made. All awards are, therefore, subject to change and/or cancellation should the college become aware of facts, conditions and/or circumstances which differ from those upon which the award(s) was (were) based. Similarly, all awards are contingent upon the receipt by the college of sufficient funding from state, federal or other funding sources and/or donors to cover award offers.

Eligible Non-citizenship Documentation: Applicants who are “eligible non-citizens” must provide appropriate documentation before awards can be made. (Please refer to FAFSA instructions for definition and required documents for U.S. immigration status.)