2019-2020 Catalog

Financial Aid Programs

Federal Financial Aid Programs

Federal Direct Parental Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

Federal Direct PLUS Loans allow parents of dependent undergraduate students to borrow up to the full cost of college less other student aid. There is no need requirement for the PLUS loan, but the student must file a FAFSA and parents must pass a credit review in order to qualify for the loan. Repayment may be deferred for up to six months after the student is no longer enrolled at least half-time. However, interest does accrue on the loan and is capitalized into the loan principal before repayment begins. The interest rate on these loans is fixed at 7.60 percent. Federal Direct PLUS Loans have an origination fee of 4.248 percent.

Federal Pell Grants

Eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant is determined by the United States Department of Education, using a national formula. These grants range up to $6,195 annually. Actual awards vary according to the cost of attendance, the student’s enrollment status (full, three-quarter, half or less than half-time) and a family’s expected contribution.

Federal Direct Loans

Eligibility for a subsidized Federal Direct Loan is based on financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid using information from the FAFSA. Subsidized loans are interest-free during the student’s period of enrollment. Students have a six-month grace period after leaving school or dropping below half-time status before repayment begins, but interest will accrue during this period. Unsubsidized Direct Loans, which do not require financial need, have an interest charge during the in-school and grace periods.

Effective July 1, 2018, both subsidized and unsubsidized loans for undergraduate students have a fixed interest rate of 5.05 percent. Both loans also have a 1.060 percent origination fee. Subsidized loans are limited to undergraduate students. The unsubsidized loan interest rate for graduate students as of October 1, 2018 is 6.60 percent with a 1.062 origination fee.

Annual loan limits are as follows:

$5,500 for freshmen, but only $3,500 can be subsidized.

$6,500 for sophomores, but only $4,500 can be subsidized.

$7,500 for upper-class undergraduates, but only $5,500 can be subsidized.

$20,500 for graduate students.

Independent undergraduate students (as determined by the FAFSA) may be eligible for an additional unsubsidized loan of $4,000 in the freshman and sophomore years and $5,000 in the junior and senior years.

Aggregate loan limits are as follows:

$31,000 for undergraduate dependent students, but no more than $23,000 can be subsidized.

$57,500 for undergraduate independent students, but no more than $23,000 can be subsidized.

$138,500 for graduate students.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Eligibility for a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is based on financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid, using information from the FAFSA. Awards range from $100 to $4,000 per year, depending on funding and student need. Priority for funding is given to students who are eligible to receive Federal Pell Grants.

Federal Work-Study Program

This is a part-time employment program based on financial need. A work-study award is paid biweekly at an hourly rate based on hours worked. Wage rates reflect both the level of responsibility and the experience of the student worker. Eligibility is determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid using information from the FAFSA. The Career Development Center helps students with work-study awards identify opportunities both on and off campus; however, Rhode Island College cannot guarantee that a student will secure a work-study position.

State Financial Aid Programs

RI Stay-the-Course Scholarship

The Stay-the-Course Scholarship at Rhode Island College is funded by an allocation from the Rhode Island State Higher Education Opportunity Grant program. The scholarship is awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid to Rhode Island residents after completion of the freshman year at RIC. The scholarship is designed to increase our graduation rate by enabling these students to continue full-time study in their second through sixth years at the college by reducing the need to work long hours off-campus. To qualify, a student must enter RIC at or during the freshman year, enroll full-time, be eligible for the federal Pell Grant and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. The scholarship will cover up to the difference between the standard cost of full tuition, registration fees, an allowance for books and the funds provided by the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and merit-based scholarships. However, no scholarship will exceed need or 60 percent of a student's annual cost of attendance. Recipients must remain Pell-eligible, continue full-time enrollment and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 for renewal in subsequent years. Renewal scholarships are subject to continued state funding, and students filing the FAFSA by our February 1 deadline will receive priority.

Other State Financial Aid Programs

Guidelines for applying for state scholarship/grant programs vary, so students should inquire at the appropriate agency in their state of legal residence regarding application procedures.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers of other state scholarship agencies are available upon request from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Rhode Island College Need-Based Grants and Scholarships

RIC Scholars Program

This program provides scholarships of $2,500 to entering freshmen with exceptional financial need and academic promise. These awards require continuous, full-time enrollment and may be renewed for up to four years of study based on need and a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.5. Eligibility is determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid using information from a student’s academic record and FAFSA.

Rhode Island College Grants

Rhode Island College grants ranging from $100 to $10,000 are awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid to students with demonstrated financial need. All applicants are required to file the FAFSA. Award decisions depend on level of demonstrated financial need, year in school, academic record and date of application.

Rhode Island College Transfer Scholar Awards

These awards range from $2,500 to $5,000 and are based on academic achievement as well as financial need. To be considered, an entering transfer student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 as determined by the college Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the time of acceptance. Eligibility is determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid, using information from both the FAFSA and the Rhode Island College Financial Aid Application. Awards may be renewed for up to three years of study based on financial need and require continuous, full-time enrollment and maintenance of a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.0.

Financial Aid for Summer Sessions

In addition to filing the FAFSA as outlined above, students who desire financial assistance for summer sessions must submit a Rhode Island College Application for Financial Aid – Summer Sessions. This form is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid on or about February 1 each year. Summer session aid is contingent upon the availability of funds and normally consists of Pell Grants, Federal Direct Loans and Federal Work-Study. To be considered for Federal Work-Study for summer sessions, the FAFSA must be received at the federal processing center by March 1 and the Application for Financial Aid – Summer Sessions must be received in the Office of Student Financial Aid by April 1.

Academic Scholarships

Rhode Island College recognizes superior academic achievement through the awarding of scholarships. Detailed information on the financial scholarships listed below are available from the department or office noted with the entry.

Adjutant General, Office of

Colonel John Joseph and Mary Drew Prybyla Rhode Island National Guard Scholarship Fund

Admissions, Office of Undergraduate

Presidential Scholarships

Alumni Affairs, Office of

Noreen Ackerman ’80 Scholarship

Frank and Agnes Campbell Scholarship

Alumni Children Academic Scholarship

Alumni Freshman Award

Alumni Graduate Scholarship

Alumni RICochet Fund

Alumni Scholarship Awards

Class of 1951 Scholarship

American Federation of Teachers at Rhode Island College (AFT@RIC)

Donald C. Averill Scholarship

Biology, Department of

Mary M. Keeffe ’28 Award for Excellence

Lloyd Matsumoto Biology Scholarship

Earl H. Webster Scholarship Fund

Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology, Department of

Helene Penza Scholarship Fund (Master’s Program)

English, Department of

Catherine Annette Ducey Scholarship

English Department Scholarship

Donald F. Lyons Scholarship Fund

John J. Salesses Scholarship

Feinstein School of Education and Human Development

Thomas Barry ’65 and Louise Barry ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Doris M. Bettez ’42 Scholarship

Joan M. Calise ’57 Scholarship

S. Elizabeth Campbell ’31 Fund

Geraldine A. Carley Scholarship

Elizabeth S. Carr Scholarship

Class of 1938 Scholarship

Class of 1940 Scholarship

Class of 1941 Scholarship

Class of 1942 Scholarship

Class of 1943 Scholarship

Class of 1947 Scholarship

Class of 1952 Scholarship

Class of 1953 Scholarship

Class of 1955 Scholarship

Class of 1959 Scholarship

Phyliss St. Germain Crawford ’66, ’70 Scholarship

Margaret Day ’63 and Edward Day ’61 Scholarship

Lillia Moura deMelo ’49 Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship for the Support of Diversity

Helen Forman Special Education Scholarship

Sarah T. Foster Scholarship

Patricia Galvin ’62 and Dee McCarthy ’62 Scholarship

Donna Gentili ’70 Endowed Scholarship

Abbie Hoisington Memorial Scholarship for Special Education

Carol Horrocks ’56 Art Education Scholarship

Andrea B. Isserlis ’64 Special Education Scholarship

Kanakry ’65-Clarke ’92 Scholarship

Thomas G. King Memorial Scholarship

Renato and Elena Leonelli Physical Science Scholarship

Helen Wynaught Lindstrom ’39 Endowed Scholarship

Joseph R. Lunt Science Teaching Scholarship

Louis A. Marciano ’60 and Gloria Petrucci Marciano Scholarship

Gilda R. Martone ’38 Endowed Scholarship Fund for Education

Dorothy Frances (Kelly) McCartin ’43 Scholarship

Mary S. McGrath ’48 Scholarship

Bertha McKee ’27 Scholarship

Lt. W. Lee Menconi Endowed Memorial Scholarship

John Milligan ’73 and Patricia M. Milligan ’69 Scholarship

Marguerite C. Morey Scholarship

Ethel Murphy Scholarship Fund

Mary E. Murphy ’27 Scholarship

Wilhelmina A. Null Memorial Science Scholarship

Olga M. Lusi O’Brien ’45 Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education

Dolores Palombo Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Pieniadz Scholarship

Providence Teachers’ Association Memorial Scholarship

Rhode Island Council on Economic Education Scholarship

Juliet Romano Endowed Scholarship

Romeo R. Romano Endowed Scholarship

Angelo and Antoinette C. Rosati Endowed Scholarship

Phyllis Moverman Salk Scholarship Fund

Anne B. Saute Scholarship Fund

Raquel Shapiro ’60 Scholarship

Paul V. Sherlock ’60 Endowed Scholarship

Bernard H. Singleton ’63 Scholarship

John J. Smith ’63 and Anna Veronica Smith ’33 Scholarship

Vera Sohigian Endowed Scholarship in Education

Josephine A. Stillings Scholarship

Mary E. Tremblay ’69 Endowed Scholarship

John and Happy White Scholarship in Teacher Education

B. Ruby Winnerman and Harriet J. Winnerman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Arthur M. Zarrella Endowed Scholarship

Financial Aid, Office of Student

Anna H. Blankstein ’41 Scholarship

George Giacomo Cairo Scholarship

Class of 1939 Scholarship

Class of 1950 Scholarship

Class of 1954 Scholarship

Class of 1956 Scholarship

Richard Dawson Memorial Scholarship

Alma Bishop Doley Endowed Scholarship

Robert and Helene ’36 Falvey Scholarship

Aime J. and Gertrude B. Forand Scholarship Fund

Mae E. Godfrey Scholarship

Harrington ’59 and Nolan ’59 Scholarship

David M. Harris Memorial Scholarship

Laura Fachada Lally Memorial Scholarship

Robert L. Lombardi ’86 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Mary F. Luzzi Scholarship

Anthony Masi M.Ed. ’74, C.A.G.S. ’77 and Lillian J. Masi Endowed Scholarship

Celia Munir Scholarship

John Nazarian Scholarship

Armand I. Patrucco Endowed Scholarship

Vincent Pelene Fund

Rotary Club of North Providence Scholarship

Ethel Salhany Memorial Scholarship

Joseph Salvatore ’39 Scholarship

Edna M. Snow ’77 Scholarship

State Scholarships

Richard Zorabedian Memorial Scholarship Fund

Honors Program, College

Director of Honors Scholarship

Eleanor M. McMahon Rising Junior Scholarship

John Nazarian Honors Scholarship

Rhode Island College Faculty Honors Scholarship

Rhode Island College Foundation Honors Scholarship

Rhode Island College Honors Project Grant

Ruth Williams ’33 Honors Scholarship

Justice Studies, Department of

Justice Studies Scholarship

Management, School of

Peter W. Harman Scholarship

David M. Harris Memorial Scholarship

Operations Management Scholarship

Raymond H. Trott Scholarship

Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of

Nancy Humes ’68 Scholarship


1st. Lt. Gregory F. Zavota Humanitarian Scholarship

Michael J. “The Doc” Gonsalves ’86 Scholarship

Therese Sullivan ’46 Scholarship

Tess Hoffman Film Studies Scholarship

Michael A. Valerio ’80 Communications Scholarship

Modern Languages, Department of

Leonelli Family Memorial Scholarship

Music, Theatre and Dance, Department of

Ernest C. and Dorothy H. Allison Scholarship

Louis Appleton Memorial Scholarship

Bicho Family Memorial Scholarship

MaryAnn Dinunzio ’65 Memorial Scholarship

Marjorie H. Eubank Scholarship

Sylvan R. and Helen Forman Scholarship

Mark E. Goldman Theatre Scholarship

John A. Kelly Theatre Scholarship

Michael S. Kroian Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Katherine Bryer Krueger Scholarship

Francis M. Marciniak Music Education Scholarship

John Pellegrino Scholarship for Brass Students

Thomas R. Pezzullo Memorial Scholarship

Jeanne Aubin Rose ’62 Scholarship

Robert D. Soule Technical Theatre Scholarship Fund

Melody Stappas Memorial Scholarship

Meredith M. Thayer ’68 Scholarship

Nursing, School of

Rhode Island College DNP Scholarship

RIC RN-BSN Scholarship

Mary R. Brunell Nursing Scholarship

Karla Carroll ’95 Nursing Scholarship

William F. Ciambrone Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1957 Scholarship

Debra Dumont Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary E. Love Scholarships

Doris Mathewson ’74 Scholarship

Eleanor M. Olson Nursing Scholarship Award

Jean Schmieding Scholarship Award

Political Science, Department of

Maryellen Hoye Memorial Fund

Richard R. Langevin Scholarship

Shea and Tolman High Schools

Myrtle Karlin Scholarship

Helen L. Nolan Scholarship

Social Work, School of

Hasbro Scholarship

Ida Maiello Memorial Scholarship

Sociology, Department of

Maryellen Hoye Memorial Fund

Student Affairs, Office of

Frank A. and Camille S. Bucci Scholarship

Michelina “Miki” Doretto Santos Veteran/Veteran Spouse & Upward Bound Scholarship

Student Community Government, Office of

Beverly L. McGinnis Scholarship

Study Abroad Office

Portuguese Studies Abroad Fund

Ridgway F. Shinn Jr. Study Abroad Fund

World Connection Fund

Talent Awards

Special Talent Awards were established to recognize and encourage students who have exceptional talent or skill in the visual and performing arts, areas of intercollegiate competition (other than athletics) or similar fields. Currently, Rhode Island College offers awards in the following areas: art, communication, dance, film studies, music and theatre. While the requirements for these awards vary by department, award competition is open to entering freshmen and transfer students. Awards range from $100 to $2,500. Applicants should contact the academic department or program advisor in their area of interest.