2022-2023 Catalog

General Education

Chair of the Committee on General Education

Joseph Zornado

General Information

The General Education Program is designed to provide students in all academic majors and professional programs with the knowledge and skills of a college-educated citizen. General Education focuses on eleven learning outcomes through three core courses, seven distribution areas, and a second language requirement. First Year Writing provides a starting point for writing at all levels. The college requires first year students to enroll in a one-credit course, Introduction to RIC in their first semester. Also in the first year, students take First Year Seminar, choosing from a large selection of intriguing courses designed to spark curiosity and critical engagement. Connections courses serve as a developmental moment in which the skills learned in the first year carry through.  


Distribution courses offer students the opportunity to choose courses that advance their professional goals, engage their personal interests, or to explore new areas of knowledge. The Distribution requirement includes an advanced course in science and mathematics, crucial to understanding the world today. 


Rhode Island College graduates must demonstrate knowledge of a second language. There are various ways to demonstrate proficiency in a second language. The following sections provide more detailed information on General Education at the College.