2023-2024 Catalog

Bachelor of Professional Studies B.P.S.

Jenifer Giroux, Vice President of Corporate Relations & Professional Studies


BPS Degree Liaisons: 

Marianne Raimondo, Dean, School of Business

Stefan Battle, Professor, School of Social Work

Quenby Hughes, Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Carol Cummings, Interim Dean of the Feinstein School of Education & Human Development

Program Director:  TBD 

Students are registered for courses designated specifically as BPS sections (listed with a B at the end of the prefix); other courses with approval of their advisor.

General Information


The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree is an online adult degree completion program delivered primarily as a cohort-based model using a split semester plan (two eight-week sessions per semester). The program is limited to adults 25 years and older with a minimum of 24 earned college credits and a minimum of five years of full-time documented comprehensive work experience and/or military training. 


The BPS is offered in four concentrations: organizational leadership, social services, strategic communication and educational foundations. Each concentration is designed to provide knowledge and skills required for career advancement, delivered in an efficient way to support working adults with considerable workplace experience. There is also an emphasis on diversity and ethics. Students in the cohort model will be registered for their courses each semester.


Students in the BPS program will earn a Certificate of Undergraduate Study (C.U.S.) as part of their concentration requirements.
C.U.S. in Workplace Diversity (Organizational Leadership)
C.U.S. in Nonprofit Studies (Social Services)
C.U.S. in Conflict & Crisis Communication (Strategic Communcation)
C.U.S. in Equity & Literacy (Educational Foundations)


The Bachelor of Professional Studies also includes a prior learning assessment (PLA) component, with the development of a PLA portfolio in BPS 100 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio Development (https://www.ric.edu/academics/prior-learning-assessment/portfolio), a first course in the program, which also includes an orientation and onboarding to Rhode Island College. 


Under the guidance of their BPS 100 instructor, students will document and validate knowledge, skills and competencies earned outside the traditional classroom via workplace learning, employer or armed service-sponsored training, experiential learning, organization and industry certifications, on-the-job-training, professional development, microcredentials, digital badging, continuing education units, self-education, etc. Students will submit a completed portfolio at the end of the course. The portfolio will be initially evaluated by the instructor for the number of prior learning credits (PLA) to be awarded. The instructor will forward their recommendation to the appropriate BPS Liaison for a final decision on the credit award. Students may earn up to 32 credits for prior learning documented in their portfolio. 


Any student who decides to pursue a major other than the B.P.S. must then complete all requirements of that degree including the college’s standard General Education program. The Bachelor of Professional Studies is intended to be a first bachelor’s degree and may not be taken as a second degree program.


Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Professional Studies B.P.S. Program

  1. Program admission is restricted to adults 25 years and older at the time of application.
  2. Minimum of five years of documented comprehensive work experience and/or military training. 
  3. 24 minimum earned college credits at the time of application (from a regionally accredited college or university). Applicants who have fewer than 24 credits but have an earned certificate from Rhode Island College (15 or or more credits) may be considered for conditional admission to the BPS.
  4. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in undergraduate course work.

Retention Requirements

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale is required for the degree and graduation.